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About Us

Values: We instill creativity, passion, diversity, respect, and self confidence in each of our students. We are not only dedicated to teaching dance, but also teaching life skills while fostering creative minds for a better world!


Result Oriented: For our children's dance program, we dedicate 8-10 weeks to each routine. Students will have the opportunity to learn various styles to Bollywood music, including Hip-Hop, Folk, Latin, and Classical. A full choreographed dance routine will be learned at the end of each eight weeks. Our Bollywood Fitness classes learn routines at every class.


Transparency: A video of weekly steps is sent out for easy at home practice. Videos of class sessions are sent out sporadically to view the progress of you or your child's dance class.


Student Goals: We set goals with students to prepare them for new levels of dance and annual recitals. Recitals allow every child a chance to portray and show skills to family and friends. 

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