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Bollywood Fitness for adults and kids

Lose Weight!

  • High intensity interval dance workout to help burn 500-1000 calories per session​

Shape Buns & Tone Legs!

  • Strengthen from the bottom up to get a total body workout with techniques including squats and lunges​

Flatten Stomach!

  • Strengthen your core and dance your way to a tighter tummy​

Define Arms!

  • Specialized "Bhangra" movements that target, tone, and define your arms​

BOLLYWOOD CARDIO is the new Dance-Fitness trend consisting of Indian-inspired moves combined with a high intensity fun-filled exercise program.  Learn easy to follow dance moves to catchy Indian tunes. This class will have you sweating as much as smiling! ​


Get the calories burning to tone, lift and shape your body. The best part? No previous knowledge of dance or music is required! Just come and have fun!​

KIDS: Can join this class and kick boredom! A fun way to stay active will having fun!


$10 per class

Paid via Zelle or Venmo

Begins June 16th, 2020

Every Tuesday 7:30-8:15pm

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